What is a rotisserie and what can you do with them?

At Tienda de Herreros , where we live and breathe the passion for fire, a grill is much more than a utensil to prepare your food. For us, a grill (or barbecue) is the heart that makes possible unique moments and unforgettable encounters that last a lifetime. So, let's start from the basics: what a grill is, what our models are, and most importantly, what you can do with them. Find out everything here!

Bluntly, what really is a steakhouse?

Let's speak clearly. A grill or barbecue is a metal masterpiece designed and created by hand to transform your outdoor meals. It consists of two essential parts: a sturdy base and a grate strategically positioned over the fire. This combination ensures uniform cooking, achieving surprising flavors and extraordinary consistency.

Grill models: which ones are available?

Before we dive into the details of each model, it is crucial to understand that not all grills are created equal. Each has its own distinctive characteristics, adapting to specific situations and the number of diners you hope to delight. Many of them have accessories that expand their uses for much more than just cooking. Below, get up close and personal with some of our models and discover everything you can do with them:

Pampeano: The Essential Classic

The Pampeano , with its diameter of 100 cm, thickness of 3.2 mm and a height of 70 cm, stands as the essential classic in any grill repertoire. From the classic cross to the full classic and plus configurations, this model combines tradition and functionality perfectly. Its versatility and timeless design ensure that every experience is authentic, keeping the flame of barbecue love alive.

Gran Campero : The Father of Camperos

Imposing in its structure and functions, the Gran Campero stands out as the maximum representation of elegance in the world of grills. With a majestic diameter of 130 cm, a robust thickness of 3.2 mm and a height that commands respect at 75 cm, this model is not only a work of art in itself, but also redefines the grilling experience.

Equipped with a complete classic set, ranging from the Cruz Press to gloves and a Quebracho Colorado wood board, the Gran Campero elevates your grilling experience to new heights. The additional option of a birdhouse turns this grill into a true conversation center, adding a unique and rustic touch to your gatherings.

Facón : The largest of the family

With dimensions similar to the Gran Campero, the Facón stands out for its incomparable versatility. From standard to full plus configurations, each option offers a unique experience. Whether with the Classic Cross and standard circular grill, or the complete classic or plus set, which incorporates elements such as the provoletera and the griddle, the Facón adapts to all your needs. Its imposing presence is complemented by its ability to function as a stoker in winter, making it an inseparable companion all year round.

Conclusion: more than cooking, leaving a legacy.

In short, a grill or barbecue transcends the simple task of cooking food; He is a creator of culinary experiences that unfold around the fire. They are multifaceted. They can be your best allies for the kitchen and also for the winter. Imagine, in the middle of nature, with a group of friends around a campfire .

Therefore, at Tienda de Herreros , our passion for fire is in every detail of our grills. From the timeless Pampeano to the versatile Facón and the imposing Gran Campero, each model is not only designed for cooking food; but to leave a legacy.

We invite you to explore our variety and discover how our barbecues can turn any occasion into an experience for life.

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