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Do you ship within Spain? How long does it take?

We ship to the entire country and the approximate delay is 4 to 7 days for small packages and 10 to 20 days for large packages.

Do they make international shipments?

Yes. We ship to all parts of the world, if you are outside of Spain, you can contact our WhatsApp and we will tell you how to continue with your purchase.

Do you have wholesale sales?

Yes. Contact our WhatsApp and we will share all the information you need to be part of TIENDA DE HERREROS.

Does black paint last a lifetime?

No, black paint requires maintenance.

Can I carry the stoker alone without accessories?

Yes, all accessories are removable, allowing it to be used only as a stove or for cooking. Likewise, you can configure your grill based on the accessories you like the most!

What material are the grills made of?

All our grills are made of iron, we use thicknesses from 3.2mm to 10mm in some accessories.

Can grills be left outdoors?

They are designed to be left outdoors, they have an inclination and a drainage hole.

Do products have to be cured?

Just the accessories, but it's very easy, rest assured that we are going to explain it to you on our blog!